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About Meadows Aromatherapy

We first started making our aromatherapy products over 20 years ago from a small outbuilding on a farm in Kent, England. We are still based in Kent, and still an independent, friendly company.

Meadows Aromatherapy has always been a trusted brand for the general public, therapists, natural healers and medical doctors who we sell to world-wide. Our product range is extensive, with exceptional quality and vibration, and each boxed essential oil has its own unique instruction leaflet. When you purchase, you will further assist our support for charities (see the charity section of this website). Our policy on price has always been to make our products affordable and reachable to all, without compromise on quality.

To keep informed of additions to our product range, changes and offers, please join our mailing list, which can be found in the contact us section of this website.



 " Amazing, phenomenal service" New Customer 12/04/2013

"Thank you for the fast delivery! I am very impressed with the service, the quality of the products is fantastic and the information provided about them is great (being new to aromatherapy!)  Thanks again, I'm sure to be back!" ? Anon Feb 2013

Our daughter had a very bad cough that stopped her sleeping and hence was very upsetting for her. We tried firstly a leading brand of childrens cough medicine which had no effect.We then tried  some honey, again with no effect.  By this time she was becoming very upset and tired. We then placed a small dab of the Meadows synergy Sleep Right on her pjamas thinking that it might at least soothe her whilst we thought of something else. Within five minutes she was sleeping soundly and not coughing at all! It was amazing! I would recommend it to anyone! She had a fabulous nights sleep - all through!" Anon Jan 2013

"These products are wonderful - beautifully packaged and presented too. As a qualified aromatherapist I would recommend highly. Ethically produced and top quality - everything a therapist would look for" Jane Lacey Dec 2012

"I have used these products for some time and would highly recommend them" Mrs Kitchin Nov 2012

" Your Melissa oil is fabulous. It is difficult to describe what a wonderful affect it has - when I inhaled I really could feel some areas relax. Watching me, my husband said he could see all my cares vanish" Anonymous 2012

" Your Hemp Organic Carrier oil is wonderful for the face and fine lines" Ms Redgrave 2011

" I add Oregano Green to unscented cream for a fungal feet condition and it works wonderfully" Ms Fuggle, August