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Meadows Charity Work

Charity - Seeds for Africa

The Meadows brand has, for many years, been supportive of beneficial projects (see below for details): from donations of products (such as essential oils and aromatherapy products) to therapists travelling abroad to do good works, donations of products to local hospices and charitable organisations or even just the odd gift for local tombolas or raffles.  Further to this we have also financially supported charities, large and small, through donation from sales of some of our products, eg, one year the donations given to a water and sanitation charity were in five figures.  Our Director, Darryn Payne, has also donated a lot of his own personal time to charity work. 

We believe we should all do our bit for charity, to benefit someone who is much worse off than ourselves. We also believe that the money given should be effective and not lost in some big inefficient or ineffective charity.

As a company we will do what we can to assist other charities and products and feel that we have a moral and corporate duty to make a difference, large or small.  

A further charitable side that cannot be measured financially is the support given by the business and the Director, Darryn, in the form of advice to producers, farmers and harvesters around the world, especially Africa. Advice is given on quality, what to grow and what not to grow and on how to manufacture certain products. Darryn is currently advising on the growing of suitable plants at a Seeds for Africa (see below) project in Western Kenya to allow local people to manufacture an effective natural mosquito repellent.

In due course, all of our products will carry beneficial donations.