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Synergies & Blends

Synergy - ‘Sin-er-gee’, where the combined effect exceeds the sum of the parts. 

Our synergies have been skilfully blended from our range of high quality pure essential oils, and absolutes. Within the range there are blends for all occasions, not always just as a relief to a particular condition but as an enjoyable blend that can enhance ones life, environment and well being. Some of our blends will contain just four essential oils at optimum levels. Some of the more complex blends use many more very precious and special ingredients in small amounts to add something ‘extra’, something ‘special’, which makes these blends very effective and especially unique to our brand. You may see these described as ‘unique trace ingredients’ in our leaflets. These ingredients add at a ‘subtle’ level - an energetic and effectiveness that compliments the ingredients used at a higher level. Our main synergy range consists of 18 amazing blends that come boxed in 10ml (also available un-boxed in any size) with an instruction leaflet.

These blends are powerful, effective and they have been successfully used by thousands of people around the world. 


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