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About us

Meadows was created as an independent company over 30 years ago, developing aromatherapy products from a cosy farm in Kent and has since been a trusted brand worldwide.

The level of quality of each of our aromatherapy products is paramount and is the most important aspect to us as a business. We want to ensure that only the highest quality products, materials and services are provided to our customers at all times.

We are proud to sell a large range of products not only to the general public but also to beauty therapists and natural healers around the globe. Our extensive range of unique products are natural blends of the best ingredients available, creating the highest quality products possible. Each of our boxed products comes with its very own leaflet with inspiration and advice on how to use the oils to get the most from the benefits you can experience. Our calming and sensuous oils are affordable and enjoyed by clients continuously, something that we are extremely proud of. We never compromise on quality and do our best to make our products affordable to everyone.

As a company we want our customers to have the best oils in order to achieve optimum results. Whether that be for personal use, business use or for beauty therapists treating clients. Each product is 100% pure and natural and is guaranteed to achieve the desired results.


Darryn Payne, the original Director of the company, set up Meadows around 30 years ago with the passion for aromatherapy. The vision for Meadows in the early stages was to create high quality, pure, natural aromatherapy products with fair prices for our customers and clients.

Darryn’s love for essential oils started in his childhood leading him to pursuing a career within the industry in the late 80’s. This enabled him to gain first hand knowledge of the supply chain by working with an Egyptian producer of essential oils.

Since then our products have successfully sold around the world since starting up all those years ago with one of our biggest markets being Japan. In Japan, we supply to all levels of customers, from individual customers to the medical professionals. We also supply our products in bulk quantities to therapists, soap and beauty product makers and aromatherapy companies to the rest of the world on a regular basis.

Ethics and more…

There’s no marketing hype with Meadows, no misleading statements or synthetic products being promoted as natural. We are 100% true and trustworthy and are proud of what we do and the products we create. We understand the power of essential oils whether that be for healing, calming or relaxing and let the experience received speak for itself.

When it comes to the production side of the business, we like to apply the visionary Economist Schumacher with his motto ‘small is beautiful’ when it comes to sourcing the materials and ingredients in each product, along with the beautiful, simplistic design of the packaging.

An example of our packaging is our essential and carrier oil based product packaging. It is not only packaged in a box made from FSC sourced card, but is also made in an FSC factory and through clever design we only need one box per range. We simply differentiate each box with individual strips printed on and placed on by hand. This creates space for further human employment and means that there is no need to stock dozens of different boxes for each product. This cuts down on unnecessary tool costs, allows easy storage and stock control and gives an extra personal touch, which can be often forgotten in this modern, efficient world.

For our bottled products, we use standard packaging readily available from efficient companies and promise never to use blue glass bottles. Blue glass packaging can not only let in UV light but can often produce toxins when recycled. We were the first aromatherapy company in the world to offer 100ml bottles made entirely from 99.6% recycled consumer waste.

For our choice of ingredients, we never use or source products that are proven to be damaging to the environment. We also avoid using GMO or animal derived products (with the exception of beeswax) and are against testing on animals.

Check out our Indian made incense for another interesting approach to manufacture where we have sent out our concentrated oils to be made into incense by hand, we even opted to have the labels and leaflets screen printed by hand to add that Human touch and create work in this Fair trade project.

Mind Body Spirit

There is a big link and relationship between these three areas of our being and the use of Essential oils can bring benefits, not only to one area but in turn others to.

Essential oils are used to bring many benefits to the receiver of the treatment. These benefits including soothing aches and pains, relaxing the state of mind and providing a sensual, calming environment to spaces. If our bodies are relieved of stress whether physical or mental, it will in turn help with our mind and spirit.

Pure essential oils have a personality, character and vibration. By vibration we simply mean that the oils pulsate with energy unique to their own, which interacts with the energy field surrounding our physical bodies. The combination of the life force of plants and the life force or man produces an exciting, therapeutic effect on the mind and body. This harmonious blend can be used to enhance not only our physical well-being but also our spiritual. The sense of smell is one of our most important senses and is the only one not processed by the brain first. Heightened sense of smell can unlock memories and emotions enabling us to set off on a journey of rediscovery as we open the doors to the soul.

Buy Meadows products online

Our online shop is fully stocked with the full range of Meadows aromatherapy products and is fast, secure and easy to use. Our products consist of a range of carrier oils, essential oils, incense, natural creams and everything in between. We also now have a wide range of high quality and affordable soil association approved organic oils for 100% natural products for those who love all things organic.

If you are a therapist that practices aromatherapy we are happy to offer a discount on our products to help keep costs down. To do this you simply need to email or post a copy of your qualification certificates to our customer services team. For businesses and companies we can provide each of our products in large wholesale purchases upon request by calling 01795 890001 or email our team at [email protected].